CROSS FOR GOD是一個以信仰為中心所創立的品牌,一切由神而來的靈感,更是讓神親自帶領安排所有的發展,品牌創立已經超過八年的時間,至今還有很多重要的使命必須完成。我們希望透過信仰結合藝術時尚,用新的方式來傳遞福音,帶給世代的年輕人更多正能量的影響,並且可以給予更多人新的信仰視覺藝術體驗。

2022年10月在巴黎展出,同步推出全球首發CROSS FOR GOD的藝術NFT,第一波首發限量33枚,耶穌在33歲時犧牲自己的生命喚醒世人,也代表著我們與耶穌一同死裡復活,更新所有信仰中的意義與價值,並突破語言、種族、國籍的差異,透過藝術時尚NFT將世界各地的使徒聚集在一起,創造一個新世代的信仰價值中心,期待翻轉世代引領一個全新的潮流趨勢。

CROSS FOR GOD藝術NFT首波盲盒視覺設計呼應這次巴黎展出的主題「聖經中的女人」,上帝賜予女人一個重要的使命,她能夠藴孕新生命,這是配合上帝創作生命的萬能很重要的工作,女性常常要扮演多重角色,她是母親又是女人,堅強又溫柔,僅管世上給女人貼上各種刻板印象的標籤,但所有的女人依舊展現她們的勇氣與韌性面對世界上一切的困境。




CROSS FOR GOD NFT盲盒也將在10/14解盲,每一個NFT都會擁有一個藝術NFT外,持有者也會在不同階段享受到獨有的NFT賦能。這不僅僅是一個藝術的NFT更是凝聚新的一波信仰浪潮的開始。

CROSS FOR GOD is a faith-centered brand, inspired by God, and let God lead the arrangement of all the development. The brand has been established for more than eight years. There are still many important missions must be completed. We hope that through faith combined with art and fashion, this brand can spread the gospel in a new way. We aim to bring more positive influence to the young people of the generation, and give more people a new visual art experience of faith.

Aligning with the physical Paris Fashion Week 2022 in the October, CROSS FOR GOD also released the limited 33 NFTs. These masterpieces represent the resurrection of the dead with Jesus and breaking through the differences of language, race and nationality. Also, these NFTs will bring together apostles from all over the world through the art fashion NFT, and renew the center of faith values for a new generation and looking forward to turning the generation around to lead a brand new trend. We expect to wake up the generation and lead a new trend.

The visual design of the first CROSS FOR GOD ART NFTs mystery box echoes the concept of the Paris Fashion Week, "Women in the Bible", in which God has given women an important mission, the ability to imply new life. Despite all the stereotypes placed on women in the world, all women continue to show their courage and resilience to face all the difficulties in the world.

The NFT uses various shapes of orbs to wrap around women, symbolizing the different sires of the world. This orb also represents the broken earth, which needs more warmth and strength to be balanced, and we can have more love and hope to repair the broken world together.

Like Mary in the Bible, the mother of Jesus, an ordinary woman can give birth to a great man who will change generations.

Through visual communication and appeal, we hope to restore the love and warmth that we all have in our mothers and to honor the brave and strong women of every generation.

The mystery box of CROSS FOR GOD NFT will also be unblinded on 10/14, each NFT will have an artistic NFT outside, the holder will also enjoy the unique NFT empowerment at different stages. This is not only an artistic NFT is the beginning of a new wave of faith.

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